Artificial Intelligence for improving the user experience and reducing costs in the process of incident management in a CSP (Communication Service Provider)

It is not new to anyone that a very large percentage of Internet users are not satisfied with the
service they receive from their current Communication Service Provider so there is a large drop-out
rate of users.
The most common reasons are:
                   – Price
                   – Quality service
                   – Support issues

This can happen because the service speed is low, the connection is unstable, flawed and early
termination charges are high. Many users are not satisfied with their internet service provider.
A large number of users use their cellphone as the main internet connection resource, which makes
the use of the same gain importance day by day.
The problems in the service cause customers who use services of Internet, to call the Call Centers to
report their inconvenience with the connection.
In this process there are a variety of problems in the call. These calls make it difficult for the Call
Center agent to identify the problem and cannot resolve it immediately, achieving that the call

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Some of the questions that the agent must ask the client and which takes
most of the time in-call are:

– What´s the client ID number?
– Which model and brand it’s the router?
– Do you have any signal extenders in your network?
– Are all the connected devices having problems with the network?
– How far are the devices from the router connection?
– Are there any walls obstructing the router signal?
– How many people are using the WiFi in this moment?
– How many networks are sharing the same channel?

All these questions are difficult to express for the agent, and as a consequence, difficult to
answer for the client. This makes the call turn tedious and impatient and makes it much
With the amount of support calls, it´s difficult to understand what happens at the Call
Center, what customers says, which answers the agents give. These issues become
repetitive, because the clients call with the same inconvenience.

It is very common that in manager committees of internet suppliers, the following
questions get repetitive:

What should we do for reducing call costs and visits in the support process? How can we
fix the problems reported by clients?
The question is difficult to answer, not to mention impossible, if we don’t use tools that
allow us analyze what´s happening in this process, and from this, find the most appropriate
solution. Solution that will allow meeting the objective, improve the customer experience
and reduce costs.
For the large volume of calls generated from support, making the analysis manually is
virtually impossible. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence helps us processing large amounts
of information in short time.
The key to find the solution to the problem is in making a transactional, conversational and
sentimental analysis of the interactions the clients make during the calls for asking for
support and solutions to their inconveniences.
Usually, between the 1% and 10% of the base of users from a Telco, finishes with a support
visit at the place, each visit might cost between USD 15 and USD 25, which implies that
for the process the cost is very high. These visits are not usually necessary; the plan is to
reduce them to the minimum.
Once the analysis is done, the points to be modified are defined in the care process. Clearly
as in every process of digital transformation, the communication component is part of this
solution, and therefore relying on an expert is vital.
The implemented changes based on the discoveries found, substantially improve the user
experience, which presents problems with the hired service, and incidentally reduce costs
of the CSP in a significant way.
Currently there is the myth that the KPI´S from Call Centers are accomplished 100%, and
it´s true, but these KPI´S are of the process as such, more than the effectiveness required by
the business.

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